Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Year, New Sh*t?

A new year means a new start, but seeing as I haven’t really finished all my work, I’m still stuck in 2010 for the most part. You said I wouldn’t do work…yeah that’s kind of right, I’ve done a few drawings and finished and improved on different pieces but no where near as much as I would have liked too. Christmas has been pretty hectic and I seem to have been either working to be able to feed myself and drive or trying to see and talk to everyone.

However I did have it in mind to make 2011 more focused. I got a laptop for Christmas so when I go home I can still get my 3D work completed on the weekends. I also got some paints and canvases so I’ve started doing some real paints to get back into the swing of it. I feel stupid not realising last year that my perspective was all wrong, it seems to just happen now without me really taking to much work time. So I guess I’ve been taught well this last couple of months, it seems to have stuck and I seem to have understood all the fancy words and principles, seeing as I seem to explain this to the family and in-laws every time I see them. We’ll I guess im going to have a look at my models, and see if I can’t tweak them more and if I have time possibly re-model them before assessments.

P.S. A new year means a blog post once a week mister. 

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