Monday, 6 December 2010

Update with my work

Well we’ve just had our formative assessment, and other than the hiccup with forgetting my book, all fairs well. It seems that I just need to go out of my way to improve my own learning, by doing extra work and practicing everything I’ve learnt.  Heather seems to think my 3D work is developing nicely, but I just need to focus on being more efficient and naming everything. This makes sense, but never seems to happen when you’re so focused on just making it work well, not function well in game or within a business. Seeing as ultimately I will be using this degree for the rest of my life, its better that I pick up these habits now so that when I work for someone, they don’t have to bring a shit storm because I have a 100layers named layer1, 2, 3...etc.
I always get so nervous with these sorts of things, but they never turn out as bad as I think they’re going to be. Not having my sketchbook didn’t help but I suppose it will stop me from doing it again, trying to direct my parents through my sketchbook and attachments was not enjoyable or fast. I think I’m going to start doing as much work as I can, and even if I am happy with the results try again to make it even better or produce it in a different way. I’m off out now to buy some paints and a new sketchbook to try and make the most of the tasks and time that we have, and because I actually enjoy painting, this may reflect more on the work that I am producing.  By not being given the best marks possible it gives me something to work towards, and by the time that the final assessment comes I should have a more improved and impressive project.
If not I could always bribe you guys with beers.

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