Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Blitz Lecture Thoughts

Just got home from the lecture and I’m going to write this whilst it’s still in my memory. Was a fantastic insight into the games industry and the words that most stuck with me were “Don’t forget to keep drawing” and they hit me pretty hard. Looking back on it I can see over the last two weeks I’ve been so focused on producing stuff in 3ds Max that I’ve overlooked the fact that I haven’t been practicing my drawing techniques. Bar the few thumbnails I produced on Leicester city centre. Too me it seems so important that I continue to keep these my top priority, seeing as the fact that it is Game Art I am studying and without sufficient knowledge of 2D art basics and fundamentals, and the continuous practice of these that I would either not succeed in finding a job. As my art would looking like crayon placemats that you find in Pizza Hut. Or more immediately I wouldn’t make it too my second year for the same reasons.

The people from Blitz seemed really interesting and they really broke down for us what they wanted from the industry and our course in particular. I know it would be a lot more beneficial closer to the end of my degree rather than the beginning, as I would be able to really focus on my portfolio. But I still found it helpful enough. “Think of what you want to do, what jobs are going and what you need to get there.” Another key part of the lecture that I brought home and comes to the mind as I scramble for things to write about. Obvious really, but overlooked by what seemed to be the majority of the 1st years including myself. Texturing or Object and asset creation? Before I got onto this course I really wanted to be a skybox artist. But I really think, realistically, based on all the things I want too do an Environment Artist would be more suited. I was surprised at how few a people work for the art team as environment artist, all be it a large portion of the art team. I really have to make sure I stand out and literally become the most competitive anti social art machine ever! Or I could just continue to enjoy what I love doing, doodling, drawing, painting, but make sure I’m happy with it. Because there is no better critic than yourself.

I hope each time we get industry people in, they give us such a big insight as they did today, because its great. Seeing what good and bad, whilst understanding the difference and why. Away from the lecture for a bit, its surprising how much can change when you remodel something in 3ds Max, it seems every time you do something, you get better. Practice actually does make perfect! Going home for the weekend again, and taking my work with me. But at least I’m still enjoying it, even if I feel under pressure to get as good as some people out there.

Thanks Blitz
I think this talk has really opened my eyes, and hopefully it will stand with me through the years. Even brought a new sketchbook to draw in my free time. Prepared!

What do I want to achieve? Mumbo Jumbo

Hmm I quite like the sounds of being a skybox artist or texture artist? I’ve always had some sort of a fondness for sky-scapes and textures they can bring something to life and make it a lot more interesting. Without the right background and objects in a game, it doesn’t feel right and you notice this when you play. I want to be the one to fix it, hate everything I’ve done, but alas be someone who helped bring everything together. Were not limited to just game though, perhaps a skybox artist for films or something. Quite possibly by the end of the week ill want to do something different altogether, and I guess that what the degree is going to show me whether or not I have any idea or if any of us, have any idea of what we can be and what we are capable of.

Again another successful week, took loads of snaps of the archway for textures and I completed my 8 thumbnails on Tuesday already, just my final to procrastinate to the last second. I like the speed I’m working at, it makes it more fun and keeps me concentrated. Think I finally got the hang of some 3D! Yes! About time really, got some of my darlek done, messed about with textures and UV mapping. I’m saying these words but really I have no idea what they all mean, maybe I never will? But that’s not the point, its moving forward, and when the weakest bit is moving then you must be doing something right! Keep looking through the second and third years work, I have a lot to live up to. It’s depressing yet mesmerising at the same time; hopefully I can produce half as good stuff if I make it onto the next year. I’ve sort of given up with going out now, going to concentrate a bit more and make better use of my time. Let’s get serious! Spent some time looking at people’s models, and such a variety some to be proud of guys, seriously.

Although I started writing this like 2 weeks ago, it still pretty much the same, trolling and toiling through 3ds Max and getting adequately good at it. Wheelie Bin is getting there, just texturing to go, with problems that no ones seems to understand, but hey that the fun right. I can see myself now wanting to be a environment artist more, mainly because 3D isn’t so terrifying but looking really hard at myself, I think I’ve finally realised that I want to be one of these people, a CONCEPT ARTIST! Maybe I can just do that in my own time and focus on everything before I really settle into something. And then again in the back of my mind I want to do character designs, I wish I’d just make up my mind and focus. But I’m so full of endorphins from gaming mumbo jumbo that I doubt that’s happening anytime soon. Going to search the web for ideas, books to buy and art equipment. Hunker Down and buckle up boys this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Introduction to Me!

Hey, I’m Max Mead, imp fresh out of sixth form and lucky enough to get myself a place at De Montfort with Game Art. Frankly I have never been more nervous or confused about some of the things we looked at during the first week. 3D confuses the hell out of me and that is the thing that’s going to make these first few weeks hard for me. I’ve talked to a few of you about the process and how you got so brilliant at it. Seriously I’m wondering if ill ever be able to build a darlek. But None the less I’m going to try my hardest to get set in. I don’t really think ill have a problem adapting my 2D skills in the long run and I find that drawing the canal for god knows how many hours, therapeutic and skill improving. Overall I couldn’t be more impressed with the course I signed up for, it sounded good on the open days and interviews, but nothing could have prepared me for when I heard all of the great things that I get to do.

But am I really cut out for this?

You can ask my parents, I’ve wanted to do something artistic and constructive with my life since I was eight. First of all I wanted to be an Architect, Work experience killed that dream. Then I thought why not do something that everyone thinks about at some point. Help create games! I’d been creating little maps and doodles of ideas for ages but not in till sixth form had I realised that I could do something like this, which I could actually be good at. Looking through courses on UCAS, I had my mind set out Game Art. There were only 2 universities that I looked at, here and Stafford, and as soon as I came to De Montfort and saw the course I knew. Am I cut out for this? If I can develop my 3D skills enough and if I prove that this is seriously a direction I want to take my life, Why not?

My interview, well I was put up with another guy who had a whole portfolio of 3D work and animation, and there I was trundling along with my canvases and paintings…Ahhh. But Heather seemed impressed, I thought she was just being nice but then a week later id been offered a place! That gave me some confidence and I spent the next few months working towards My A* in Art. Sweet! Everyone seems really nice here, I don’t know if it’s the fact were all in the same boat or that we all have the same goals but I feel really comfortable here and I really don’t want to be one of these people to quit out. When we get so much input from the industry why would I want to go anywhere? Wednesdays Seem Awesome, We get to watch films and talk about what we like and write blogs at unholy hours. Pulling all nighters seems to be my speciality, but I just wish 3Ds Max would hurry up and download, I need to get some practice before tomorrow.