Wednesday, 27 October 2010

What do I want to achieve? Mumbo Jumbo

Hmm I quite like the sounds of being a skybox artist or texture artist? I’ve always had some sort of a fondness for sky-scapes and textures they can bring something to life and make it a lot more interesting. Without the right background and objects in a game, it doesn’t feel right and you notice this when you play. I want to be the one to fix it, hate everything I’ve done, but alas be someone who helped bring everything together. Were not limited to just game though, perhaps a skybox artist for films or something. Quite possibly by the end of the week ill want to do something different altogether, and I guess that what the degree is going to show me whether or not I have any idea or if any of us, have any idea of what we can be and what we are capable of.

Again another successful week, took loads of snaps of the archway for textures and I completed my 8 thumbnails on Tuesday already, just my final to procrastinate to the last second. I like the speed I’m working at, it makes it more fun and keeps me concentrated. Think I finally got the hang of some 3D! Yes! About time really, got some of my darlek done, messed about with textures and UV mapping. I’m saying these words but really I have no idea what they all mean, maybe I never will? But that’s not the point, its moving forward, and when the weakest bit is moving then you must be doing something right! Keep looking through the second and third years work, I have a lot to live up to. It’s depressing yet mesmerising at the same time; hopefully I can produce half as good stuff if I make it onto the next year. I’ve sort of given up with going out now, going to concentrate a bit more and make better use of my time. Let’s get serious! Spent some time looking at people’s models, and such a variety some to be proud of guys, seriously.

Although I started writing this like 2 weeks ago, it still pretty much the same, trolling and toiling through 3ds Max and getting adequately good at it. Wheelie Bin is getting there, just texturing to go, with problems that no ones seems to understand, but hey that the fun right. I can see myself now wanting to be a environment artist more, mainly because 3D isn’t so terrifying but looking really hard at myself, I think I’ve finally realised that I want to be one of these people, a CONCEPT ARTIST! Maybe I can just do that in my own time and focus on everything before I really settle into something. And then again in the back of my mind I want to do character designs, I wish I’d just make up my mind and focus. But I’m so full of endorphins from gaming mumbo jumbo that I doubt that’s happening anytime soon. Going to search the web for ideas, books to buy and art equipment. Hunker Down and buckle up boys this is going to be one hell of a ride.

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