Tuesday, 16 November 2010

My Gaming Experience

My personal Gaming History, I remember Playing the Sega Mega Drive round my cousins after primary school for like a year solid. I found it so addictive, I can’t remember the year I first played it but I can’t have been older than 8. Playing Games like; Sonic the Hedgehog, Micro machines, and others with protest from me. I also remember seeing the original Game Boy with Tetris. Those were the days. I can’t believe that I was so immersed within the games market at such a young year, and it baffles me that I didn’t consider this a career path in till a lot later on. In years 4, 5 and 6 of primary school I used to go round my friends house everyday before heading home. We played his Nintendo 64 which I remember completely being awesome. Multiplayer 007: Golden Eye. Also being the first time that I was truly excited to play a game or angry to play one too.

We also used to play on his computer, I think it was running windows 2000, oh god no. but we used to play weird car games and mousetrap and things like that. Although I can’t remember completely it was obvious that we were being brought up in a gaming generation. The first game I played at my own home was Civilization on the PC, it was a demo and I can’t believe how hard I found it. I always got wiped out by the 1800’s. I actually downloaded it the other year and it felt so fantastic to beat the game and I managed some sort of retaliation. I still didn’t own my own console and the first console that we got in the house was the Sega Dreamcast. It was my dad’s, but I still managed to play it more than him, and getting told off for overwriting his memory cards with my saves.

My first console was the Xbox; I got it for Christmas in 2002. It was the first year it was out in Europe and I can’t believe I managed to get it first out of all my friends. Halo: Combat Evolved. What can I say, I was in love from the beginning Bungie. I was excited for every level, and scared of the flood! I was 10 haha and I remember calling them the Maw after the level and getting moaned at by my cousin. Whenever I had friends round we played it. I had other games but Halo was defiantly my favourite.

I think in 2003 I got Xbox Live and took my first steps online. The cursing, shouting, laughing. I was mindfucked with these new pleasures. I remember being a 31 in Big Team Battle; I was so impressed with myself. (With Lag switching and modding that was impressive). I met people from around the world and still talk to a lot of them now, I met some of the funniest people I know. It was some sort of massive social experiment and something that I was at the forefront to experience. Xbox Live has stuck with me ever since and crossed two platforms to where I am now. I could talk about all the games I’ve played ever, and there have been a lot of games but those early aspects of my gaming life set the rest up and made it so enjoyable. I have to say Halo 3 did have its downsides when I broke my hand punching a chair. Oh well. Although I don’t play games as much as I used too, I still find it enjoyable picking up a controller and feeling the sense of power you receive, And I hope that feeling never passes.

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