Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Well it was a bit of a panic and one poor character that I entered the year in. I left it to the last minute and I regret it whole heartily. I managed to model, unwrap, texture and rig a character in pretty much 2 days. I only wish it looked any good. Oh well a learning experience that I hope to better myself through, I need better time management and what’s better than a new project! Yeah it’s time for the queens building project and learning udk, it’s not as big of a challenge as max seemed to be which is a relieve, I think it’s because we have a very strong udk person in the group and hopefully I’ll manage to pick some of it up and produce lots of nice assets. Well that’s the plan, ill update here as soon as I have anything. Survival horror here I come! (: below are some concepts that i have come up personally, the theme is a survival horror in a living building, a machine has taken over and is taking control of the building and its system using unground piping and cabling to spread throughout the complex.

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