Wednesday, 7 December 2011

More Work Updates

Finally got round to producing something of a final for my war of the worlds. I tried so many compositions, probably should have done some prep sketches. I guess i'll learn. Going for the ferry scene with a play on composition. Subtle but i think i works, or i might just be tired of it.

Marmoset trial is going to end in a few days D: had to render out now or face a long wait for money. Anyway chest renders from a project earlier in the year. Diffuse is slightly to saturated i think the old renders were a tad better but it gives you the idea.

Don't think i had posted my trash project either. Reusable assets, and can work with or without certain components. Showing as a large area of rubbish. I might re-do my beer box, too red!
Unfortunantly i haven't scanned all of my sketch books yet but here is the rest of what I've done this last few months;

Loughbrough Prep Sketches & Finals

New Walk Museum Prep Sketches & Finals

Abbey Park Prep Sketches & Finals

Bradgate Park Prep Sketches & Finals

Leicester City Prep Sketches & Finals

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