Monday, 14 November 2011

Work Updates

Some war of the worlds tripod designs that i knocked up in about 20minutes, the lecture we had with Mitch Small ( A concept artist previously on the course ) really helped me speed up the way in which i worked. I am still no where near as fast as he was, but knocking up thumbnails that are just for reference is a damn sight easier now. Try to just jot down forms and shapes rather than obsess about small details when in reality i will only chose 1 of these designs as my final outcome. You heard it boys and girls, don't take your work to heart you'll just get hurt. Still enjoyed doing these though.

Marmoset is a gem of a renderer, and its a engine so it give a better idea of how your object will look in a functioning game. I'll probably post a more in depth review of my game design projects as they progress and once I've completed the other tasks. By here it is in its relative beauty.

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