Friday, 14 October 2011

Year Two - Back At Uni

I've been back at university about two weeks now and i couldn't be more excited to be in a working environment again. Having the time off was great but after a month or so i found myself laying around not getting a lot produced. I've only been back a little while and i've already learnt so much both in visual design, game production and my understanding on composure and setting a scene. Looking from the work i've produced this week alone to what i was producing four or so months ago is intriguing. Considering that i hadn't produced that much work during the summer its surprising that I've improved so much. I think it's probably due to the fact that i seem to be in a different mind set than last year.

 I'm a lot more focused, i'm not sure if it's that I've grown up or that i'm just more aware of how important it is to do well this year and to improve on last year. I whole heartily see myself putting in a lot more hours, whether i do is another story ( I'll wait till my journal is finished for this week ).

But i think its right that i see myself as a potential employee rather than a full time student. I think the fact that I'm not a first year as well as given me a kick to buck up and absorb as much information i can from everyone. With everything that i learnt last year i think i have a better understanding of my ability and tools, so as to improve to a level that I'm actually proud of. I suppose that comes hand in hand with being an artist, you are constantly self critiquing and learning and yearning for a better outcome.

I'm still not entirely sure where i see myself going with this degree in the long term. Short term i see myself graduating and hopefully getting a career as an environment artist, though i like the sounds of being an interface artist, i absolutely don't want to push the art side out of my life, so hopefully something that incorporates that full time. But long term i think i see myself either rising through the ranks to a art lead or moving careers into teaching or design. As you can tell i still have no idea, but at least i know this course is right for me, and at least I'm happy with the idea of being here for another two years.

My aspirations for this year are too get as close to 28hours of self directed study a week which i don't see being a major hurdle ( I've managed it two weeks running ). Putting more time and effort into Digital painting ( I've set out to produce around two paints per project plus painting practice in the times in between to break down the work ). Understanding High Poly Baking and modelling and incorporating this into the work i will produce ( Mike has been helping me produce normal maps through baking and showing me ways to improve my modelling proficiency. As well as a lovely way to bake coins onto my chest project ). Last but certainly not least i aim to keep better tabs on what i'm producing on here ( I'm sure a post will follow this one quickly on what I've done so far ). So another year of blogging begins and hopefully i develop some amazing ability to churn out incredible work, hopefully...please? Oh Oh Oh and i aim to have at least one piece of my work on Chris's cool wall.

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