Wednesday, 4 May 2011

End Of Year Ramblings

 This is my end of working year blog, and ill evaluate my work and experience on the course here. I started the year with no experience with 3D software and no digital painting experience. But luckly enough i was thrown in with a mixed experienced group and we quickly helped eachother learn the basics of both Photoshop and 3DS Max.

Firstly We relearnt the basics and fundementals of drawing starting with 1point perspective and 2point perspective.


These were the first final pieces of the year, of the canal next too the university and of the archway in university grounds. Luckly i have had plenty of practice drawing landscapes and this was fairly helpful in easing me into the course and into drawing again after A levels. I put these peices in as they show the standard i was at when i started the course.

These two pieces were from later in the year from leicester and bradgate respectively, i chose this point in my studies as it was where i began to transfer my art style from paper too photoshop. Infact this was the second photoshop piece that i had completely thus far. After Crits this was how the Focus turned out and i felt proud that i had come so far in just 3months.

Here are some of the life drawing that i produced in the second term, i definantly feel that i have improved my style from the first lifedrawings that i produced in year 10 and those that i brought to my interview. I find it horrible but interesting to look back on how much ive progressed and how i thought that the work that i produced at the time was really good. I feel that i have achieved a great deal and learn't alot from the course so far. Infact im really looking forward to the next two years and getting more practice in 2D and 3D work, and manage too produce something noteworthy.

Here are a few examples of some paints that i have produced in the second 3 months of the course for just visual design components. Considering that these are probably the limit of what i have produced digitally i have still recieved alot of praise, and i feel that with time i will be producing more elaborate, faster and sleeker paintings over the coming years and into eventual employement. I feel with the course i have made my temporary decision to focus on environmental art work and modelling as i feel more comfortable and talented in that area and my 3d modelling of characters are still far behind what i would feel happy with.


The first use of Normal Maps effectively, even though the bricks were massive it was a good progression of work.

The Architecture Project- This was definantly the most fun project for me, and i really learnt alot making this both from the lectures and from those helping me on the course.

The tree's were a nightmare. Everyone said we would struggle and they were right, the leaves were a nightmare and if there were one project that i would recreate it would be this one. However i feel that it was a necessary step towards improvement, and time constraints and meeting deadlines.

The first and second attempt at my sackboy guru project. The guru project were very helpful in teaching us the basics of the course and the third years who help really made us feel welcome, and helped us with problems too trivial for heather. They made sense of the mess and gave us project that were injoyable and interesting.

I hate characters. But good practice yet again, i think with more tris it would be more enjoyable and i could always practice faces alot more. Not the best project but there is always an aspect of ones work that you dislike.

This made 3D exciting and enjoyable for me. I loved this project and really liked planar mapping and texturing this vehicle. Although there are problems with the texturing, i really learnt about texture efficiency and modelling efficiency in this project and i feel i had the biggest leap at this stage of Game production.

The final project was a very low budget weapon, i decided to created a pistol and i feel this gave me enough room to produce a solid and consistant model and end to the year. The time constraints and budget where bothersome but i feel they made it more challanging and gave me more too work towards.

I feel the year has been dominated by 3D and what i have learn't, there has been a big learning curve and this has really set me up for next year and the summer projects. I definantly feel i have more room for improvement but my confidence and knowledge has grown lots throughout the year thanks to other students and from Heather, Chris and Mike. Who have taught us about valuable lessons in modelling, drawing and working in the games industry. I wouldn't question recommending the course too anyone and i wouldn't change my decision at all. This has been the most enjoyable and resourceful learning experience of my life. 

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