Thursday, 17 February 2011


It’s been a while since i last posted anything to the blog, the task are under way but i thought i would just tell the world what's been happening with me. First of all the end of the transit project just passed, i was pretty impressed with my time management being that it was the first time that i had time to spare on a modelling project. The end results too, were effective and i can personally see that i have made improvements too my modelling. Mesh flow seems to be very important and with help from Mike I’ve really found a fondness to scrutinise every detail, I’m happy with it and there are a lot of things that I have learnt that will be useful on future modelling tasks.

The next task is the gladiator project, again we have roughly 4 weeks to produce a final model, however considering character building, drawing and in general are my weakest subject this should be a challenge. I’m really aiming to be super-efficient with my base model so that I can maximise the detail I can put into the character and he’s affects.  Yesterday, about half way through modelling the face I learned that loops are very important in faces allowing expressions and deformations to occur so this is my personal target for this project, so that I understand how a body deforms so that I have better understanding of mesh flow and rigging. Oh we also have to rig..Yay?

Yeah I know they don’t look the same yet, I have a lot less to work with, also as aforementioned I suck at people. I need to add in some more loops around the mouth and curvature around the eyes and nose. It will look better, promise.
Life drawings getting better, I seem to picking it up again after a substantial break what did I expect? I’m using a lot more vertical lines when it comes to shading and this really helps when it comes to facial rendering. That’s my update. Byes.

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